CORNET initiative – BioCoat project

Polish Corrosion Society ran a research project in the CORNET Initiative entitled "Cost-effective biopolymer interior coatings” called BioCoat, financed by the National Centre for Research and Development in Poland.
Realisation time: 1st April 2014 – 31st March 2016.

CORNET initiative – BioCoat project

The project was realized in cooperation with German and Belgian associations and scientific reasearch centres:

    – Forschungsgesellschaft für Pigmente und Lacke e.V. (FPL), Germany

    – Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA), Germany.

    – Polish Corrosion Society (Polish Corrosion Society), Poland,

    – Institute for Engineering Polymer Materials and Dyes, Poland,

    – Coating Research Institute (CoRI), Belgium,

    – Materia Nova (MN), Belgium.

Polish Corrosion Society is the Applicant of this project.The research is conducted in the Department of Paints and Plastics in Gliwice. The Users Committee that cooperates with the Applicant comprises of 7 companies, members of the Polish Corrosion Society: ANTICOR PPH Sp. z o.o, ARMA Firma Inżynierska Spółka Jawna, DAAS Sp. z o.o., DUHEN 2 Spółka Cywilna, MALCHEM Sp. z o.o., PROFARB Grupa Chemiczna Sp. z o.o., ZINGAMETALL Poland S.C.

Replacing petrochemical paint resources by natural resources is one of the ways to decrease emission of CO2 – the main component of greenhouse gas – and to become independent from non-renewable resources. Currently, studies in the scope of coating product resources are conducted in two approaches. The first one includes a synthesis of paint bonding agents with application of non-renewable resources. The second one includes producing new polymers based on biological resources. The project’s objective is to study the possibilities of biopolymers application in coating products, as replacement of conventional bonding agents produced from petrochemical resources. This project includes studies on biopolymer application in coating products to be used on steel, walls and wood. It is expected that the probability of combining functionality and rentability in case of coating products for internal applications obtained thanks to replacement of traditional bonding agent to polymers is the biggest. The project aims to obtain prototype coating products in two stages. The first stage is biopolymer study: its selection and modification. The second stage consists of choosing and modifying helping agents and other additives and then developing and analyzing products with biopolymers in order to specify the best formulation variations.

Until now there has been no research on biopolymers for application in coating products in Poland. There has only been research on applying these materials in e.g. poliactide for foil manufacturing.  This project will consist of developing and optimizing water based polyurethane dispersion and alkyd emulsions based on sugar-obtained acids and other renewable resources obtained chemically ot biologically as well as polyethers and polyesters based on starch and proteins.