PSK session - CORROSION'2019

On May 28, 2019, another interesting event organized by PSK took place in Warsaw - it was our session during the CORROSION 2019 conference.

Presented papers:

  1. G. Adamczewski, K. Saramowicz, J. Drążkiewicz, U. Paszek, P. Woliński - Material and technological aspects of concrete repairs in the hydrotechnical structures of the Northern Port in Gdansk
  2. M. Jaczewski – Novelisation of the standard ISO 12944
  3. E. Langer – UV curing coatings - possibilities and limitations
  4. M. Zubielewicz, A. Królikowska – Development of new ecological anti-corrosive products and methodology of research of anticorrosive systems as part of international projects conducted by PSK
  5. L. Komorowski – Corrosion detective - interesting expertise