This section contains information about all kinds of prizes awarded by the Polish Corrosion Society to individuals and companies for their wide anticorrosion activity. The Polish Corrosion Society is preparing to introduce, within its expertise and conforming to the statute and regulations created for this aim, to qualify individuals and companies and to assign Polish Corrosion Society experts.

Diplomas for significant accomplishments in corrosion fighting and cooperation with the Polish Corrosion Society and the Silver Badge are awarded since 2008.

Awards for for the best doctoral, master’s, engineering or bachelor’s thesis in the field of corrosion protection were introduced in 2010.

“Red Kite” prizes for the best product/technology are presented since 2016.



Starting from 2008, the Board of the Polish Corrosion Society decided to grant honorary titles of the Grand Corrosionist along with the Polish Corrosion Society’s Silver Badge (the Grand Corrosionist Badge) to individuals making significant contributions to the Society’s development, and having a rich professional experience in corrosion protection as well. Since 2009 this honor is awarded by the Silver Badge Committee comprised of its honorees.

Committee Members for this award are:

Aleksandra Baraniak (2008), Witold Milewski (2009), Marek Marcinkowski (2009), Agnieszka Królikowska (2010),

Wojciech Sokólski (2010), Jacek Bordziłowski (2010), Małgorzata Zubielewicz (2011), Andrzej Brandt (2012),

Michał Jaczewski (2013), Andrzej Królikowski (2014), Andrzej Głębowicz (2015), Urszula Szczyrek (2016),

Kazimierz Raduszkiewicz (2017), Iwona Gajecka (2019), Lech Adamczewski (2019), Krzysztof Saramowicz (2019)


During the General Assembly of the Polish Corrosion Society in Smardzewice on 25th February 2008 (MOLO'2008) the following document was accepted: Regulations of the annual Awards of the Polish Corrosion Society for the best engineering, master’s and doctoral dissertation in the field of corrosion protection, with special focus on practical papers in collaboration with industry. Submitted papers must be evaluated by a reviewer and/or a thesis supervisor and an industry representative. The Awards are presented by the Committee, taking into consideration the originality of the work, practical usefulness, applicability and other. The Committee is comprised of: Wojciech Fabianowski – science representative, Anna Orzyłowska – industry representative and Małgorzata Zubielewicz – Polish Corrosion Society Board representative. The value of prizes will be set each year by the Board and the Committee.

The Committee’s verdict in 2017-18  


dr inż. Anna Dobkowska (doctoral dissertation category)

Ewa Siuta z Politechniki Śląskiej  (master’s  dissertation category)

Sara Helena Koncewicz (engineering dissertation category)

The Committee’s verdict in 2016

Laureates: Martyna Dymek (doctoral dissertation category), Małgorzata Gonet (engineering dissertation category)

The Committee’s verdict in 2015

Laureates: Agata Sotniczuk, Mariusz Abram

The Committee’s verdict in 2013

Laureates: Zbigniew Szklarz - 3.000 PLN, Jarosław Medyński - 2.000 PLN, Piotr Gawroński - 1.000 PLN

The Committee’s verdict in 2012

Laureates: Iwona Kukuła (Masternak) - 3.000 PLN, Andrzej Dejneka - 2.000 PLN, Kinga Sikor - 1.000 PLN

The Committee’s verdict in 2011

Laureates: Bartosz Jarzebiński - 2.500 PLN, Ewa Knapik - 1.500 PLN, Paweł Fick - 500 PLN, Katarzyna Gbur - 500 PLN

The Committee’s verdict in 2010

Laureates: Dorota Wardzińska - 3.000 PLN, Agata Biesaga - 2.000 PLN




Laureates in 2019:

HEMPEL  in the  Best Product  category

Novol Sp. z o.o. in the Best Company category


Laureates in 2017:

TORKRET Sp. z o.o. in Best Execution category

GT Poland Ltd Sp. z o.o. in Best Product category


Laureates in 2016 :

IKOROL – inhibitor product augmenting the adhesion of subsequent layers of the anticorrosion system to ill-prepared steel surfaces, hot-dipped surfaces, and surfaces with remaining paint layers. It is manufactured in Laboratory of Technological Processes of Faculty of Chemistry of Warsaw University of Technology.