Polish Corrosion Society (PSK) is an organization associating Polish corrosionists.​ The main aim of the Society is to create a platform for communication between all persons interested in corrosion and anticorrosion problems. The society was established in 1991 with an intention of: integrating the community, representing its members externally, collectively finding solutions to important professional problems. In fact similar activities have been conducted already since 1987 by the National Association of Protection against Corrosion.


The goals are reached through the following actions:

• Spreading knowledge of new anticorrosion protection technologies by organizing and taking part in technical and scientific conferences and thematic exhibitions

• Influencing the progress of technical development in the scope of methods and techniques of corrosion protection through familiarization, publishing and opinion making actions

• Perfecting personnal’s professional skills and channeling the flow of knowledge in the scope of employing and implementing new methods of corrosion protection through organization of training courses, personnel certification, international exchange and others methods.


PSK cooperates with global organizations such as World Corrosion Organization, European Federation of Corrosion, NACE International and many other Polish organisations such as: Polish Chamber of Steel Structures, Polish Galvanization Society, Polish Institute of Road and Bridge Research, Institute of Polymer Materials and Pigments, Institute of Building Technology and others. We cordially invite you for cooperation!