Molo, Poland, 2012

6th Annual Conference of the Polish Corrosion Society “Modern Anticorrosive Technologies"

"MOLO 2012” Smardzewice, Poland, 23‐25 April 2012  ·   EFC Event No. 356

The conference, strategically held over April 24th Corrosion Awareness Day, was sponsored by Graco, International Protective Coatings, Jotun, Lankwitzer, Malchem, PPG Coatings Poland, Sika SPZP Corrpol, Teknos, Zingametall Poland, ZinkPower and the Polish Ministry of Education. All electronic conference materials were prepared, as they are every year, by Teknos. Some of the papers presented in the plenary sessions were as follows:

Andrzej Brandt receiving the Great Corrosionist medal

“Paints – their history and the direction of their development” presented by Andrzej Kubacki of Teknos who gave a history of the development of paint products starting with prehistory up to the present day, providing a historical sequence for the introduction of synthetic resins, alkyds, chlorinated rubber and polyvinyl paints and epoxy resins which are currently the most frequently used for anticorrosion protection today and are still being modified to increase their protection and application features.

“European Union Regulation on building materials and their practical aspects with respect to circulation and use in Poland” presented by Mr Michał Wójtowicz, the Director of the Polish Building Institute who spoke about former European Regulations which have been replaced with building directive nr 89/106/EWG by regulation PE&R(UE) nr 305/2011 and will bring about a series of changes in national domestic regulations concerning the production and introduction of building materials and requirements for a balanced use of natural resources.

“Science combating corrosion” presented by Mrs Małgorzata Zubielewicz of the IMPIB Institute who presented the results of a number of research projects in Poland from 2005 to 2011 related to corrosion protection and the viability of their practical application.

Anna Gerymska from the Office of Technical Supervision spoke about surface protection within the context of the PN-EN 1090 series of standards for the manufacturing of steel and aluminum structures and the application of anticorrosion protection.

On April 24th’s Corrosion Awareness day, Mr. Andrzej Królikowski presented his highly original paper entitled: “Tortuous sources of corrosion awareness” where, in a light-hearted manner, he spoke about the anticorrosion awareness of the average citizen. Sławomir Cebo of Skanska S.A. Department, Cracow, gave a presentation on the technical and organizational aspects of solutions used on part of the A1 highway, specifically the bridge over the Vistula river MA-91 between Nowe Marzy and Grudziądz.

Mr Michał Jaczewski of Tikkurila Polska presented a topic on design errors after analyzing 59 projects and tender specifications concerning anticorrosion protection and fire protection with the use of paint material. Design errors and improper workmanship was the theme presented by Mr Wojciech Sokólski of SZZP Corrpol who demonstrated the resulting errors made in the design and installation of the cathodic protection application to underground structures which often lead to economic loss due the diminishing lifetime of protected structures in malfunctioning installations and undermine the trust in cathodic protection technology. Over the following 2 days some of the other presentations included:

Mrs Agnieszka Królikowska of IBDIM Institute: “The influence of applied technology and products on lifetime, cost and the environmental friendliness of anticorrosion protection.

Mr Robert Chrzanowski of the Municipal Road Authority of Warsaw on investors’ requirements of the Warsaw Municipal Road Authority with regards to anticorrosion protection of new and existing steel and concrete structures.

Mr Andrzej Brandt of the Anticor Agency on the optimization of anticorrosion protection costs in the manufacturing of steel structures.

Mr Paweł Franczak and Mr Wiesław Pieniążek (PPH Anticor, Wieliczka) on methods to repair pipeline damages by the 3XE method.

Mr Edward Firek of the Technical-Commercial office AKO, Warsaw on the variety of program courses for paint applicators offered within the scope of PSK.

PSK awards were presented for the best master’s thesis in the field of anticorrosion protection. The esteemed “Chapter of Awards” was given to Mr. Bartosz Jarzębiński who took first place for his thesis “The influence of chosen methods of welding to the properties of zinc coatings on steel plates” while a distinction went to Mr. Paweł Ficek for his thesis “Designation of influence of additives in zinc alloys to anticorrosion protection.” Both of these studies were carried out at Silesian Technical College.

In the category of licentiate thesis, first prize was awarded to dr eng. Stefan Kurek for his paper “Anticorrosion and adsorption properties of additives to lubrication oils tested by electrochemical methods” and a distinction went to Ms Katarzyna Gbur from Warsaw Technical College for her work entitled “The influence of electrical field on the speed of transportation of penetrating inhibitors of corrosion of steel in concrete". 

At the end of two of the conferences a draw for the winners of the competition sponsored by the journal “Corrosion protection” took place and a yearly subscription was won by Stanisław Pniewski (Kaefer) while the book: “The Corrosion of Character” was won by Mrs Teresa Rybak (Polimex Mostostal) and a CD entitled: “Corrosions” went to Katarzyna Gbur (1st prize for thesis awardees).

During the traditional “round table” discussion, topics for next year’s conference were established and will include sessions on: concrete structures, zinc hot dip coatings, public tenders and guarantees by the applier, paint producer or investor and securing safety on anticorrosion works. At the conference’s conclusion, the President of the Polish Corrosion Society, Mrs Agnieszka Królikowska, thanked the current PSK secretary Mrs Irena Pękala who was leaving her position by June and will be replaced by the new secretary, Urszula Paszek from the Road and Bridge Research Institute.

Małgorzata Zubielewicz PSK spokeswoman

Conference Abstracts