13th Annual Conference of the Polish Corrosion Society “State-of-the-Art Anticorrosion Technologies”

Jachranka, Poland, 21-23 October 2019  ·  EFC Event No. 458.

The 13th Scientific and Technical Conference of the Polish Corrosion Society (PSK), “State-of-the-Art Anticorrosion Technologies” took place on 21-23 October 2019 at Windsor Hotel, Jachranka. This was the 458th event of the European Federation of Corrosion.  The slogan of this year's conference was “Trends and achievements in corrosion protection“. This year's conference brought together about 120 participants with 31 papers being presented in six thematic sessions. The conference was sponsored by: Sika, Graco and Jotun. The conference was organised under the honorary patronage of: Polish Chamber of Steel Structures, Polish Zinc Society and the Road and Bridge Research Institute. Media patronage was provided by the journals “Ochrona przed Korozją”, “Mosty”, “Lakiernictwo Przemysłowe”.

The conference was opened by Agnieszka Królikowska, who discussed the most important events in PSK's activity over the last two years. The Eurocorr'2018 Congress in Krakow organised by the Polish Corrosion Society was a significant success. With a record number of guests, the Congress was highly rated by the participants and the EFC authorities.

A very active member of the PSK since its foundation and the unquestionable authority in the field of corrosion protection, Aleksandra Baraniak passed away in January 2019. The brochure with reprints of Aleksandra Baraniak's articles was published by PSK and added to the conference materials.

After opening, Grand Corrosionist Medals were presented to Iwona Gajecka, Lech Adamczewski and Krzysztof Saramowicz.

Polish Corrosion Society's “Red Kite” prize for the best product in the field of corrosion protection was presented to the Hempel company for the Avantguard zinc epoxy primers. Avantguard uses a unique combination of zinc dust, hollow glass spheres and a proprietary activator to activate more zinc in the coating. 

“Red Kite” prize for the best company was presented to Novol Sp. z o.o. This Polish manufacturer exports its 1300 varnish products to 53 countries around the world. In addition, as Novol Academy, the company conducts a wide educational campaign (vocational schools, technical schools, trainings).


Then the results of the competition for the best engineering, master and doctoral dissertations were announced. Works performed in 2017-2018 were assessed. In the doctoral dissertations category, the award went to Anna Dobkowska of Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology for her paper entitled “Corrosion resistance of magnesium-lithium alloys”. In the master thesis category, the award went to Ewa Siuta of Silesian University of Technology for the paper entitled “Analysis of the influence of surface passivation with nitric and citric acid on the corrosion resistance characteristics of austenitic steel”. In the engineering dissertations category, the prize went to Sara Helena Koncewicz of Rzeszow University of Technology for her work titled “Scale morphology on the CMSX-4 nickel superalloy in the initial stage of high temperature oxidation at 1000°C”. The winners briefly presented the awarded works.


During the plenary session 4 papers were read: “Hydrogen in the galvanizing process - in industrial theory and practice” (M. Sozańska), “Avantguard ‒ a new definition of anti-corrosion” (M. Puczkarski), “Fire hazards in the tunnels fire resistance, Polish and European approach” (I.Gajecka). “Coating thickness measurements” was the paper’s subject, which was continued as the workshop “Thickness measurement by ultrasonic method”.

On the second day of the conference, papers were presented in parallel thematic sessions: Protective coatings and infrastructure, Corrosion and reinforced concrete protection, Electrochemical protection, Power engineering and transmission networks, Machines.

The largest session was on protective coatings, with topics including: management of processes related to corrosion based on project IMPACT PLUS, NACE CORROSION 2019 Conference, assessment of enterprises, regulations concerning anti-corrosion protection of bridges in German standards, protection from corrosion of steel bridges on JOTUN company experience base, corrosion behavior of AA6060 aluminum alloy, new anticorrosive coatings presented at European congresses, solutions for burried steel structures working in difficult conditions, research requirements during testing of anticorrosion systems, qualified documentation, thickness measurements of painting systems, new Zn-Al alloys wires for spray metallization, optimization of cleaning and coating processes through integrated management system, choosing durable construction color.

The session on electrochemical protection, organized every two years, included papers on: certification of persons involved in cathodic protection, cathodic protection of marine structures, WebProCat + Goliah remote monitoring system, KT Index – Cathodic protection effectiveness evaluation in Italy, electrochemical aspects of energy grounding, laboratory tests of the PUR polyurethane coating for gas networks.

The session on corrosion and protection of reinforced concrete structures included papers dealing with the maritime structures, repairing reinforced concrete structures according to PN-EN 1504 Standard, chloride-induced corrosion of steel in concrete, shotcreting, durability of concrete according to the code PN-EN 206+a1:2016- 12 and its national appendix PN-B-06265:2018-10.

Regarding power engineering and transmission networks issues, the discussed topics included: using thermally sprayed coatings in the protection of boiler plant components, corrosion protection of power plant, the use of high pressure water jet in petrochemical industry, zinc coatings produced by various thermal spraying methods, environmentally safe phosphating process for aluminium alloys.

The final session of the second day concerned the problems of using thermal spraying and PTA surfacing processes for the production of machine parts as well as protective coatings used in the production of agricultural machinery.

On the third day of the conference, a general assembly of the Polish Corrosion Society (PSK) took place. PSK President Agnieszka Królikowska summarised the existing PSK Sections and Commissions, then new initiatives were discussed. PSK has established cooperation with NACE, joint symposia and courses are planned. Certification by PSK is another initiative of the Society as well as the program for Young Corrosionists.

All of the presented papers met with much interest by the audience and inspired lively discussions. The papers (with abstracts in English) could be found at https://psk.org.pl/konferencje-psk2/jachranka-2019 by logged-in PSK members.


Conference Abstracts